You will have to put up with us being a little bit different

At Infotecture we are serious about enjoying our work

Most of our team have spent many years working with top-tier companies delivering complex and large systems. We do have some pretty serious how-to-get-projects-done know-how in our team.

We like working together and we work very hard at enjoying our projects.

We enjoy our work most when we are learning, making and teaching – so we like to structure our projects around these opportunities.

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We specialise in delivering better projects with sustainable outcomes for Universities

Universities want to improve graduate outcomes and student experience scores, through better WIL opportunities.

We will train VU staff right throughout the project, not just at the end.

We like seeing students succeed and develop confidence

We will put together a project where 40% of the team are students gaining real world learning and strong confidence in their employability as the project progresses.

When we finish and the project transitions into business as usual, these students will be able to assist your staff to manage peak workloads and the gaps arising due to annual leave periods or staff turnover.

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We are Digital and Visual

We produce system instructional materials as well change communications in digital visual formats, ready for use via online channels, especially via social media channels.

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We bring the cloud with us

Projects are expensive. The window for any project to deliver its intended outcomes closes much faster than people expect.

Infotecture’s expertise in exploiting cloud-based tools, allows us to move things along very quickly. Better tools, quickly mobilised, at low cost means we get much more done than people expect.