Developing Students

Our approach to developing Students

Bringing everyone together, for the successful end-to-end delivery of your project

As an integrator, Infotecture works with Supplier teams, Internal IT groups, Business staff and clients to bring all of the pieces together.

We are very experienced at building the connections between internal and external groups to ensure that the project team gets the best out of everyone involved, operating as one team. We also make it our priority to work with internal staff throughout the project to build their confidence and capabilities to ensure the long-term sustainability of WIL the system.

We are serious about students learning How we run Projects to benefit students from the very start

Working with students embedded in the project team is a proven approach that we have successfully implemented at other universities when deploying WIL systems.

There are many benefits with this approach to both VU and the students, here are just a few;

  • Students get to experience really great WIL, working with seasoned professionals who also are used to working with interns and understand how to help the students get the most from the experience
  • Universities ┬ácan develop a group of future system admin staff who will still be around for a year or so after the project and available to help University staff admin teams to manage peak workloads or provide bridging staff to cover leave periods
  • Project costs are lower overall than if these roles were filled with vendor resources or contractors

The best person to explain the benefits of our approach is actually someone who has already been through it.

Watch this youtube clip by a group of past wil project interns

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