Our senior consultants are all expert professionals with extensive experience in project and systems delivery.

We like working together and we work very hard at enjoying our projects.

We enjoy our work most when we are learning, making and teaching – so we like to structure our projects around these opportunities.

Our senior associates are experienced in developing students to realise their potential and achieve the confidence to develop their own professional profile based on their experience with us.


Simon Finch : Project Delivery, Business Development

Simon Finch

Project Delivery, Business Development

Simon has 30 years’ experience in various business sectors including industrial, utilities, construction and infrastructure.

Simon has wide experience across domains including Education, Government, Banking, Telecomunictions, Logistics Resources and Media. Simon has a BA Arch from RMIT.
A Senior Project/Program Manager with the business and technology acumen required to deliver business-critical projects, to specification, on time and within Budget whilst ensuring project visibility, predictability and accountability. Simon draws upon fifteen years experience assisting business and IT groups achieve their goals via successful projects, in the Resources, Sales & Marketing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Government, Education, Utilities, SME, Media and Entertainment sectors.

Recognised for successful delivery of large and complex software, infrastructure and business projects, through the effective application of project management methodologies and stakeholder management. Broad exposure to business, infrastructure, application development and package system integration projects throughout project lifecycle; from the concept development stage, through business case resolution, design and delivery, testing, deployment to operational support and benefits delivery.

Established a high performing team of vendor consultants, permanent staff, contractors and student interns, which deployed the WIL system across 23 Schools in Australia and Vietnam over 14 months on schedule, in record time and within budget.

Successfully implemented a virtual team approach, using video Hangouts and cloud-based document management tools to enable team collaboration across multiple time zones and geographies.

WIL Skills Community: Used social media tools to establish social infrastructure, substantially increasing the flow of opportunities and shared learnings across distant arms of the university. The time required for an employer to find a student intern collapsed from months down to days as a result.

WIL Stories: Generated a series of one-minute YouTube videos sharing success stories and best practice to inspire and lead the desired behaviours across the staff and student populations.

Future Shoring: Implemented an innovative blended-team model, sending jobs to the future instead of sending them offshore. By employing student interns alongside experienced consultants at a ratio of 50/50, future-shoring has achieved a blended resource cost rate on the Project that is competitive with offshoring blended rates, whilst developing the professional capacity of local students

Technical Specifics

  • Established project team
  • Established onsite Infrastructure and stood up first implementation
  • Implemented InPlace version 2.6.17 including Single Sign-on & Student Records system Integration
  • Upgraded to InPlace 3.4.8
  • Integrated 2nd Student Records System from Vietnam Campus
  • Deployed to over 100 staff and 75,000 students across 23 Schools in Australia and Vietnam
  • Developed internal methodology for InPlace Deployments at scale across multi-site campuses.
  • Established and led Organisational Change Management and stakeholder engagement. Worked with Vendor to develop a series of functional product enhancements and integrations
Andrew Donald : Integration and Operations Lead

Andrew Donald

Integration and Operations Lead

Services Integration and transition to operations is key to the delivery of a seamless solution spanning internal systems and any WIL vendor supplied solutions including both applications, security, systems management and operational outcomes.
Andrew leads our Technical Services Integration capability, bringing strong project consulting skills and expertise in the delivery of services integration projects involving multi-site Hosted solutions requiring systems integration across different organisations. Andrew’s skills and depth of experience, will ensure effective delivery of best practice options and solutions for data integration, authentication, authorisation, data security, auditability, and risk management.

Andrew’s expertise in Technical Services-Integration management

Andrew has extensive Services Integration background working within the tertiary sector with James Cook University and Latrobe on placement management systems within the Higher Education sector:
Andrew brings a depth of technical and operational knowledge around troubleshooting technical issues within highly configurable data-intensive systems as well as the specification, risk assessment and delivery of security controls for enterprise systems
Andrew’s experience with batch feed data systems and data integration systems will be critical in coordinating the technical design, build and testing work needed to establish the externally managed WIL System and to connect this system to the enabling internal client systems, including the Callista Student Records system, Oracle Authentication and Access Management, and Exchange email and messaging system.

Coordinate the interactions between Supplier and Internal technical groups

Andrew will provide the coordination required to ensure technical teams from internal IT groups as well as technical resources from external technology vendors produce a unified end-to-end solution that conforms to clients’ non-functional requirements, technology quality guidelines and operational policies.
In this role, Andrew will take responsibility for managing quality in the delivered solution by establishing or assuring

  • design traceability to integration requirements
  • traceability of as-built system to the approved design and coverage of the system documentation
  • fitness of operational documentation
Jiahao Li : Finance and Business Operations

Jiahao Li

Finance and Business Operations

We operate In a rapidly changing business world, which transcends cultures and countries. Australia’s strategic and business future is tightly bound to Asia, and to China in particular.
At Infotecture we are currently developing long term partnership-projects to support students from Chinese Universities. Leo’s insightful business talent is helping us build effective bridges of understanding, reciprocity and relationships into this space.
Andrew Donald

Leo exhibits exceptional initiative, interpersonal skills and drive. He doesn’t just work hard, he works smart. He is effective. He gets things done. People like working with him in a team and and his co-workers quickly come to respect him.
Leo has that most useful capability that you we depend on in high performing project teams,
the ability to learn quickly and to rise to challenges.
Simon Finch

Vicki Kanellopoulos : Engagement Lead

Vicki Kanellopoulos

Engagement Lead

Change & Communications Manager - RMIT

Deployment of InPlace WIL System across Higher Education and Vocational Education Sectors
As the Change and Communications Manager of a high profile project in a complex environment, the development and successful execution of an effective change management strategy is critical to the long term success of the change.

Responsibilities include business impact assessment, stakeholder management, communication (including social media) and training across all stakeholder groups.

Senior Change Manager - National Hearing Care

As a member of a major business transformational project, responsibilities include all aspects of developing, implementing & managing change initiatives including: change management strategy, stakeholder management plan,communications and training plans and activities (including coaching managers on how to lead change) across multiple locations to achieve maximum acceptance of a large business transformation.

Change Manager - Energy Australia

A project based role, responsible for all aspects of managing & implementing large business & technology change initiative including: plan, develop, coordinate and execute change management, stakeholder management, communications and training strategies and activities for 1500+ staff members across multiple locations (metropolitan and regional Victoria), to achieve maximum acceptance of a large business change initiative in a diverse and changing environment.

Training & Change Manager - VicRoads

Responsible for all aspects of training and change management, including communications and stakeholder management (to executive leadership level), for a large scale business change in a complex and diverse environment.

Reporting to the Program Manager Delivery EDRMS, the primary responsibility of this role was to develop, plan, coordinate and execute change management and training initiatives to 2500+ staff members across 10+ regions (metropolitan and regional Victoria), to achieve maximum acceptance of a significant business change supported by new technology.

Learning & Development Manager - Watermark

The main objective of this role was to function as a change agent and work with Partners, managers and staff to design, develop and implement strategic solutions in line with business and technology changes, to increase user adoption and improve the quality of employee output.

Lachlan Donald : Chief Technology Officer

Lachlan Donald

Chief Technology Officer

Natalie Bell : Training Development and Delivery

Natalie Bell

Training Development and Delivery

Natalie Bell is an expert training consultant with over ten year’s experience specifically in training needs analysis, designing and delivering training programmes. Natalie created both classroom and online  training units for RMIT’s InPlace WIL System and delivered the training to over 100 staff at RMIT. Online and printed WIL Training aides developed by Natalie have now been shared with many Australian Universities using the InPlace WIL System.

Natalie’s expertise

Design and Delivery of tailored training programs across disciplines and education sectors

Natalie designed and delivered the WIL training needs analysis program for 23 different schools across RMIT’s Vocational Education and Higher Education sectors. Natalie designed and delivered the RMIT WIL InPlace Training curriculum which provided a blend of standardised components with very specific localised training aides to meet specific needs of various discipline areas. The materials developed by Natalie to provide self-service learning support for staff in the months after training are still widely used today and have also been shared with other universities based on the positive feedback from RMIT staff.

Expertise in the functional capability of common WIL Systems

Natalie has worked as a WIL Consultant for the InPlace WIL System, running functional configuration requirements workshops, designing specifications and applying these into the InPlace product. Natalie provided warranty support to over 15 schools at RMIT over a period of one year, working with staff to identify concerns before developing solutions built with InPlace’s Extendable Attributes feature or using adjustments to business process flows to address issues.
Natalie has worked as functional tester and run user acceptance testing for many schools deployment of the InPlace WIL system.

Coaching students and managing student project teams

As part of our commitment to developing students’ career-readiness, Natalie coached a computer science student Intern on the consulting and training aspects of her work deploying InPlace. That student went on afterwards to develop context sensitive help modules within InPlace and has been employed since by Quantum to develop embedded training for the product.