Andrew Donald

Andrew Donald : Integration and Operations Lead

Andrew Donald

Integration and Operations Lead

Services Integration and transition to operations is key to the delivery of a seamless solution spanning internal systems and any WIL vendor supplied solutions including both applications, security, systems management and operational outcomes.
Andrew leads our Technical Services Integration capability, bringing strong project consulting skills and expertise in the delivery of services integration projects involving multi-site Hosted solutions requiring systems integration across different organisations. Andrew’s skills and depth of experience, will ensure effective delivery of best practice options and solutions for data integration, authentication, authorisation, data security, auditability, and risk management.

Andrew’s expertise in Technical Services-Integration management

Andrew has extensive Services Integration background working within the tertiary sector with James Cook University and Latrobe on placement management systems within the Higher Education sector:
Andrew brings a depth of technical and operational knowledge around troubleshooting technical issues within highly configurable data-intensive systems as well as the specification, risk assessment and delivery of security controls for enterprise systems
Andrew’s experience with batch feed data systems and data integration systems will be critical in coordinating the technical design, build and testing work needed to establish the externally managed WIL System and to connect this system to the enabling internal client systems, including the Callista Student Records system, Oracle Authentication and Access Management, and Exchange email and messaging system.

Coordinate the interactions between Supplier and Internal technical groups

Andrew will provide the coordination required to ensure technical teams from internal IT groups as well as technical resources from external technology vendors produce a unified end-to-end solution that conforms to clients’ non-functional requirements, technology quality guidelines and operational policies.
In this role, Andrew will take responsibility for managing quality in the delivered solution by establishing or assuring

  • design traceability to integration requirements
  • traceability of as-built system to the approved design and coverage of the system documentation
  • fitness of operational documentation