Natalie Bell

Natalie Bell : Training Development and Delivery

Natalie Bell

Training Development and Delivery

Natalie Bell is an expert training consultant with over ten year’s experience specifically in training needs analysis, designing and delivering training programmes. Natalie created both classroom and online  training units for RMIT’s InPlace WIL System and delivered the training to over 100 staff at RMIT. Online and printed WIL Training aides developed by Natalie have now been shared with many Australian Universities using the InPlace WIL System.

Natalie’s expertise

Design and Delivery of tailored training programs across disciplines and education sectors

Natalie designed and delivered the WIL training needs analysis program for 23 different schools across RMIT’s Vocational Education and Higher Education sectors. Natalie designed and delivered the RMIT WIL InPlace Training curriculum which provided a blend of standardised components with very specific localised training aides to meet specific needs of various discipline areas. The materials developed by Natalie to provide self-service learning support for staff in the months after training are still widely used today and have also been shared with other universities based on the positive feedback from RMIT staff.

Expertise in the functional capability of common WIL Systems

Natalie has worked as a WIL Consultant for the InPlace WIL System, running functional configuration requirements workshops, designing specifications and applying these into the InPlace product. Natalie provided warranty support to over 15 schools at RMIT over a period of one year, working with staff to identify concerns before developing solutions built with InPlace’s Extendable Attributes feature or using adjustments to business process flows to address issues.
Natalie has worked as functional tester and run user acceptance testing for many schools deployment of the InPlace WIL system.

Coaching students and managing student project teams

As part of our commitment to developing students’ career-readiness, Natalie coached a computer science student Intern on the consulting and training aspects of her work deploying InPlace. That student went on afterwards to develop context sensitive help modules within InPlace and has been employed since by Quantum to develop embedded training for the product.