Vicki Kanellopoulos

Vicki Kanellopoulos : Engagement Lead

Vicki Kanellopoulos

Engagement Lead

Change & Communications Manager - RMIT

Deployment of InPlace WIL System across Higher Education and Vocational Education Sectors
As the Change and Communications Manager of a high profile project in a complex environment, the development and successful execution of an effective change management strategy is critical to the long term success of the change.

Responsibilities include business impact assessment, stakeholder management, communication (including social media) and training across all stakeholder groups.

Senior Change Manager - National Hearing Care

As a member of a major business transformational project, responsibilities include all aspects of developing, implementing & managing change initiatives including: change management strategy, stakeholder management plan,communications and training plans and activities (including coaching managers on how to lead change) across multiple locations to achieve maximum acceptance of a large business transformation.

Change Manager - Energy Australia

A project based role, responsible for all aspects of managing & implementing large business & technology change initiative including: plan, develop, coordinate and execute change management, stakeholder management, communications and training strategies and activities for 1500+ staff members across multiple locations (metropolitan and regional Victoria), to achieve maximum acceptance of a large business change initiative in a diverse and changing environment.

Training & Change Manager - VicRoads

Responsible for all aspects of training and change management, including communications and stakeholder management (to executive leadership level), for a large scale business change in a complex and diverse environment.

Reporting to the Program Manager Delivery EDRMS, the primary responsibility of this role was to develop, plan, coordinate and execute change management and training initiatives to 2500+ staff members across 10+ regions (metropolitan and regional Victoria), to achieve maximum acceptance of a significant business change supported by new technology.

Learning & Development Manager - Watermark

The main objective of this role was to function as a change agent and work with Partners, managers and staff to design, develop and implement strategic solutions in line with business and technology changes, to increase user adoption and improve the quality of employee output.