Engagement methods we use

We put a lot of effort into working through Digital and Visual channels for engagement with both staff and with students. Our experience in projects has validated that this is easily the most effective method for getting our message across.


Sam worked with our project team for 10 months, providing photo, video and social media resources for software implementation.Sam is a Media Communications graduate who worked with us to develop social media, video and photographic material to support our program to engage with staff, students and prospective students
Hear Sam talk about her experience working on the project.


Civil engineering student Hamish spent six weeks in Waivaka, Fiji, with Reach 4 Your Future Foundation, designing a bridge to help locals cross a flood-prone river.Hamish talks here about how his WIL experience helped him to understand, not so much how to work in his field of Engineering – but critically, why he wanted to become an Engineer. This experience has prepared Hamish to develop his Career with a razor-sharp focus on what it means to him and what he wants to do.



Business student, Luke, believes that his WIL experiences at ME Bank, Whybin TBWA and Google helped him figure out his career path.Luke’s story is a great demonstration of the ‘try before you buy’ approach to deciding on how and where to launch your career from. The early experiences we have have of work and work cultures play a lasting role in forming our work habits and framing expectations.



Aerospace engineering student Nicolette says her WIL experience at Rolls Royce, and placement in Germany with automotive manufacturing giant Denso, will give her a competitive edge in the job market



Master of Design and Innovation Technology student, Prachi says that her WIL experience at CityLab taught her to how to solve problems that cross design boundaries.



Adam worked with the InPlace project team for 14 months, providing design and communication services for the software implementation. He speaks here about how this experience enabled him to develop a strong portfolio which set him up for his next career move.